Travertine Tile and Its Timeless Natural Beauty


Classic Wood Flooring’s recognized retail success, building through the recession and into the recent economic upswing, has also allowed them to remodel their 6,000-square­ foot showroom to showcase more carpet, tile and wood selections. This includes currently popular flooring choices such as travertine tile and wire brushed wood.

Classic Wood  Flooring offers stunning travertine flooring. It is used  throughout the world as a floor or wall covering and will always be in style. A common practice is to install travertine tile in the main living areas of a home.

Travertine has a timeless natural beauty that can be filled, unfilled, honed or polished, chiseled or gauged. Honed stone simply means that the surface of the stone, has been ground to a smooth, flat, consistent surface. It also means, in the case of normally shiny stones such as granite or marble, that the polish or shine has been removed leaving a matte (unpolished) surface. Honed  will  typically have a topical seal. Gauged means that each tile is an identical thickness.

Travertine has characteristic pits that can be filled or unfilled depending on the desired look  And chiseled travertine tile imported from Spain provides an old world look that brings an added touch of elegance without compromising strength and ease of care.

Wood flooring is a popular choice for home offices  and dens adding richness and warm to the rooms. Wire-brushed wood floors are hardwood floors with planks that have been brushed with hard wire brushes.These hard wire brushes scrape all of the soft summer growth wood off of the top of the floor planks, leaving only the hardest winter wood and exposing more of the wood’s fine, rich grain and character.

Wire-brushed floors are less likely to show chips, scratches and scrapes. They are harder than normal hardwood floors so they are also less likely to scratch and wear in the first place.

Fine flooring like travertine or  wired­ bushed wood is an investment that holds value only if properly installed to last for years and years. Classic Wood Flooring is a recognized master installer of fine floors. To make sure the flooring surface in a customer’s home is perfectly level, their craftsmen “shoot” the home with lasers to find the highest floor level. They then use cement (mud) to level the floors to that point. Some homes have a 3″ various or more. One particular home required 28 tons of cement and sand to level the floors.

“I can trust floors installed by Classic Wood Flooring to be exceptional in every detail”  says Cathi  Lane,  Lead  Interior Designer  at  Christopher  Burton   Luxury Homes. “From flooring inlays to integrated transitions, they meet every challenge I can throw them with perfection”


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