Let us floor you

Proper Installation is Everything

All of the installers at Classic Wood Flooring are specially trained professionals, so you can have confidence that every job is performed with the utmost skill. In addition to being skilled and certified installers, our installers take the time to communicate with you and ensure that your installation is being carried out the way that you feel comfortable with. Any questions, concerns or comments you may have will be taken care of right away.

We ask that on the day of your installation, you keep your air conditioner on and that the room in which the hardwood is being laid is a cool temperature. Wood expands in warm air, and we want to ensure that the wood is taken from our air-controlled storage warehouse and placed into your house without expansion. We ensure that your floor is laid in a way that allows for natural expansion that won’t cause the wood to bend or buckle.


All of our installers are certified
with a Brevard County Certificate of Competency.


Classic Wood Flooring Installers

Preparing Your Floors

At Classic Wood Flooring, it is our goal to have your floor installed properly and at the lowest cost possible. Prior to installation there are a few necessary steps to get your home and floors ready.

Laminate Floor Installation

  1. Approximately one week prior to your floor installation we will call you to set and appointment for delivery of your materials. The materials must go inside your Brevard home or we can store them in our warehouse to be delivered when installers arrive. On the day of your installation, please make arrangements to let the installer in. All of our installers are trustworthy and part of the Classic Wood Family in Melbourne, Florida!
  2. We will remove and reset all furniture. However, please clear all tables, stands and bookcases of any small items, empty china cabinets, remove electronics and clear floors of the closets. Other large items such as aquariums, pool tables or pianos, are the responsibility of the customer.
  3. We will remove and reset only electric appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, etc. We will disconnect icemakers but we are not responsible for reconnecting or any spillage or leakage that may occur. We can recommend a plumber if you do not have one that can assist with reconnecting your icemaker, gas appliances, reset toilets or any other plumbing assistance you may need.

Proper floor prep is essential to the overall performance of your new floor. If unexpected floor preparation is required to install your new floor, you may be assessed a charge.

If you are having tile removed, be aware that it will be dusty! We do all we can to minimize the excessive dust however it is recommended that customers cover any furniture pieces and A/C vents in the area.

As a courtesy to our Classic Wood Flooring customers, we provide a cleaning kit to ensure the beauty and up keep of your flooring. Many over-the-counter products can damage your floors and void the warranty. You should only use maintenance products purchased at Classic Wood Flooring.