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Classic Wood Flooring | tile flooring

Proper Installation is Everything

All of the installers at Classic Wood Flooring are specially trained professionals, so you can have confidence that every job is performed with the utmost skill. In addition to being skilled and certified installers, our installers take the time to communicate with you and ensure that your installation is being carried out the way that you feel comfortable with. Any questions, concerns or comments you may have will be taken care of right away.

We ask that on the day of your installation, you keep your air conditioner on and that the room in which the hardwood is being laid is a cool temperature. Wood expands in warm air, and we want to ensure that the wood is taken from our air-controlled storage warehouse and placed into your house without expansion. We ensure that your floor is laid in a way that allows for natural expansion that won’t cause the wood to bend or buckle.

Classic Wood Flooring Installers:
All of our installers are certified
with a Brevard County Certificate of Competency.

Installer laying floor